Gia công CNC Vs Gia công truyền thống

The CNC quá trình chạy máy is a new type of process technology based on the traditional quá trình chạy máy, which can ensure the accuracy of the parts. The research and development of numerical control machining technology can make machining technology more efficient, better meet the requirements of process production, reduce the investment of production manpower, have high automation characteristics, and have a better prospect in future development.

Gia công CNC Vs Gia công truyền thống 						 							2020-09-19

Gia công CNC Vs Gia công truyền thống. -PTJ CƠ KHÍ CNC SHOP

1 The content of traditional machining process and Cơ khí CNC quá trình

Traditional machining technology is a machining technology that people produce based on experience in the process of continuous research. For traditional machining technology, most of the materials used are derived from natural resources in real life, integrating measurement and machining steps, and finally forming traditional machining technology. Most of our country’s machinery manufacturing uses traditional machining technology, but this technology requires high professional quality of the operators, which leads to a certain degree of uncertainty in the traditional machining technology.

Numerical control machining technology is based on traditional machining technology, using machine tools for machining. For CNC machining, the work content is more complicated, and the technology involved includes not only traditional crafts, but also computer technology. By programming it and adopting the corresponding control program, the accuracy and quality of the parts can be better guaranteed. Compared with the traditional machining process, more complex process parts can be produced. When using CNC for machining, you need to understand every process link, such as cutting tools, đồ đạc, etc. Through the description of the details of the parts, the overall quality of the product is controlled to meet the needs of people.

2 Comparison of CNC machining process and traditional machining process

2.1 Comparison of machining tools

For CNC machining technology and traditional machining technology, the most intuitive way to compare is to compare machining tools. CNC machining technology has higher requirements for tools. For example, in the process of producing tools, traditional machining processes do not have high requirements, and are mainly carried out through cutting principles, while CNC machining processes apply high-speed cutting principles, which make the quality of the tools higher and can be applied to a variety of environments. , Its own abrasion resistance is stronger. Under high-speed cutting, the quality of the tool can be guaranteed, the production time can be shortened, and the investment in the production cost can be reduced, which makes the market have higher requirements for the quality of the tool products. There are also some cutting methods for CNC machining, which do not require too much cutting fluid, which is also called dry cutting. Because CNC machining has high requirements for accuracy and is carried out by computer programming, it does not need to be replaced multiple times when selecting the fixture. It only needs to be fixed, which can better reduce the error. It can be seen from this aspect. CNC machining is more accurate than traditional machining.

2.2 Comparison of machining methods

Many machining methods of traditional machining have been replaced by advanced technologies. For example, the trimming method and filling method in traditional machining have become numerically controlled trimming methods, arc trimming methods and other methods. These emerging machining technologies can reduce the use of energy, better control costs, and have better development prospects. Green development is now advocated. Dry cutting in the CNC machining process is more environmentally friendly than traditional cutting methods, and has the characteristics of high efficiency and precision. It can optimize the production work, save energy, and have higher work efficiency. From a long-term perspective, CNC machining The craft has great prospects in the future development.

2.3 Comparison of other factors

In the CNC machining process, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure the quality of the CNC machining in the production process. In terms of flexibility, traditional machining technology has high flexibility but low efficiency. The emergence of CNC machining technology can better ensure work efficiency and solve the problem of flexibility. Compared with traditional machining, it has better machining results. .

2.4 Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining compared to traditional machining

  • 1) The CNC machining process has high work efficiency and precise production process, which can not be compared with traditional machining in terms of time and technology. In addition, the numerical control machining technology can also produce complex collection graphics, without too much labor, allowing multiple production processes to be carried out together, reducing the time required for production.
  • 2) Because CNC machining requires higher parts accuracy, the overall cost of CNC machining is also higher. Mass production is currently not possible, and it is necessary to continue to improve the technical level.

3 Development prospects of CNC machining technology

The CNC machining process has the characteristics of high precision and can better realize automation, which is of great help to the aerospace industry. The CNC machining process was originally to provide help for the aviation industry. The current aviation industry is also an important work content of CNC machining. In the future development process, the aviation industry will have higher and higher precision requirements, and CNC machining will also have a broader range. Prospects.

Kết luận 4

As a new type of green and high-efficiency engineering art, CNC machining technology is the product of the current development of social information, and its accuracy and work efficiency are the inevitable trend of future development. It is necessary to continuously update the technology to achieve better results in future development.

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