The Cnc Machining Quality Control Of Automobile Wheel Hub

As a vital component of a car, the wheel has a direct impact on the driving and safety performance of the car. With the continuous improvement of the degree of mechanization in my country, machining methods have been basically used in the production and processing of automobile wheels, and the processing efficiency of the wheels has been greatly improved. However, due to various reasons, some of the current machined automobile wheels have quality defects. Therefore, this article will combine the machining situation of automobile hubs at this stage, aiming at the factors that affect the machining quality of automobile hubs, and explore how to effectively carry out the quality control and inspection of automobile hub machining.

The Cnc Machining Quality Control Of Automobile Wheel Hub 						 							2021-08-14

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Giới thiệu

Through the use of mechanical machining to produce automobile hubs, the production efficiency of automobile hubs is greatly improved, and the workload of the staff is effectively reduced. In order to ensure the high safety performance and exercise performance of the assembled car, it is also necessary to strengthen the quality control and quality inspection of the machining of the automobile wheel hub. In this context, this article will focus on a brief analysis and research on the quality control and inspection of automobile wheel machining.

2  Machining situation of automobile wheels at this stage

With the popularization and use of machining technology in my country’s manufacturing industry, the annual output of my country’s automobile wheels has shown an increasing trend of change. According to relevant data, my country’s automobile production has reached 25 million by 2015, and some experts predict that by 2020, my country’s annual automobile production will reach 50 million. Affected by this, the annual output of automobile wheels in my country has basically stabilized at around 80 million, which has greatly promoted the development of my country’s automobile industry and the overall national economy. although
On the whole, my country’s automobile wheel machining output is huge, but the quality level is not ideal. Therefore, strengthening the quality control and quality inspection of automobile wheel machining and improving its overall quality level has become a key issue that the automobile wheel industry needs to solve urgently.

3 Factors affecting the machining quality of automobile wheel hubs

3.1 Material equipment

Trong tạp chí quá trình chạy máy of automobile hubs, due to the influence of the quality of the automobile hub itself and the influence of machining equipment, it is easy to cause various errors in machining, which in turn affects the quality of the automobile hub. For example, when selecting a machining tool, it does not correspond to the wheel hub workpiece, or there is a position error with the machine tool, etc., will affect the accuracy of automobile wheel machining. And if there are quality problems in the automobile wheel workpiece itself, such as the lack of high heat resistance of the material, resulting in problems such as overburning and decarburization during heat treatment, it will also affect the quality of the wheel casting [1].

3.2  Work site

Not only the machining of automobile wheels, but also the work site environment in the machining of any workpiece will have an impact on the quality of the machining to a certain extent. For example, in the machining area, the storage area of the wheel hub is mixed with the unqualified automobile wheel hub or other operating areas, which will most likely lead to the circulation of the automobile wheel castings of insufficient quality to the next process. In addition, in the machining process of automobile wheels, if the temperature cannot be effectively controlled, especially the lack of mold
Effective control of local temperature will greatly increase the difficulty of hub spokes feeding, seriously affect the compactness of the overall hub structure, and lead to corresponding quality problems.

3.3 Machining technology

Although the use of mechanical machining to produce automobile hubs effectively frees the operators from the heavy production and machining work, it must be based on the machining requirements of the automobile hubs to set up corresponding processes and machining systems. In the process, if the operator has problems such as improper settings or adjustment errors, it will directly affect the original accuracy of machine tools, tools, and car wheel blanks, and even cause the “fatal injury” of the inversion of the process, which will not only affect the machining
The orderly progress of the automobile wheel also has an adverse effect on the machining quality of automobile wheels.

3.4 Personnel factor

The human factor is also an important factor that affects the machining quality of automobile wheels. The smooth completion of machining requires the wiping staff to thoroughly implement each machining process and technical standard. Especially with the continuous development of my country’s automobile wheel industry, the types of automobile wheels are becoming more and more diversified, and the machining skills are becoming more and more diversified. It has become more and more complicated, so its requirements for operators are also increasing. And if the operators themselves lack the relevant machining technology and operation flow
Cheng’s understanding will inevitably affect the actual machining and the quality of automobile wheels.

4 Automobile wheel machining quality control and inspection strategy

4.1 Raw materials

In order to effectively control the error rate and error rate of automobile wheel machining and improve its quality level, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control and quality inspection of automobile wheel machining. In the process of quality control and inspection of the raw materials of automobile wheels, considering that the current production and manufacture of automobile wheels mostly use aluminum alloy materials, and the machining tools tend to have high rigidity, so before machining, the staff need to Materials and workpieces to be processed are subject to a full range of quality inspections. In this process, quality inspectors can check the qualification certificates of the materials one by one and use professional testing instruments to ensure that their rigidity, heat resistance, and deformation resistance can meet the requirements of the machining standards before they can officially start the machine. Machining is also a key measure to control the original error of automobile wheel machining from the source.

4.2   equipment

In the process of quality control and quality inspection of the equipment and tools required for machining, the staff needs to focus on the improvement of accuracy. Before starting machining, adjust and calibrate machine tools and cutting tools according to the standard requirements of automobile wheel machining and inspection instructions of equipment and tools, and strictly review their quality. Once it is found that there is wear and tear of tools, or bending and deformation of related tools such as tool holders,
It needs to be replaced immediately to ensure that all machining equipment used has a high level of accuracy and quality, which lays a good foundation for the improvement of the machining quality of automobile wheels.

4.3 Operating environment

Effective control of the machining site operating environment also helps to improve the quality level of automobile wheel machining. In this process, it is essential to ensure the smooth logistics of the job site. The staff need to partition the job site according to the machining requirements, and use clear signs to clearly divide the area where the hub is stored, the area to be machined, and the unqualified product area. In this way, it can effectively prevent the flow of unqualified products to the next process[ At the same time, consider,,When the car wheel is processed, the spokes feeding will be directly affected by the temperature control. Therefore, when entering the process of cooling the mold, the operator needs to strictly control the temperature according to the requirements of the process standards, such as the spokes of the wheel before cooling. Cooling channels are set in the parts to ensure that the spokes of the hub can effectively complete the feeding, thereby ensuring that the overall structure has good compactness.

4.4  process technology

From the perspective of process technology, when machining automobile wheels, operators need to carefully set up the correct process and process system flow based on relevant standards and requirements, and adjust the process appropriately in combination with the machining conditions of the automobile hub to effectively control Error. For example, in the pouring system, it is set as the center pouring, thereby preventing the slag inclusion problem. Press the corresponding identification code into each wheel casting. Before entering the next process,Quality inspectors need to re-inspect the wheel castings, use magnetic flaw detection technology, etc. to check the load-mang performance and mechanical properties of the wheel castings, and accurately record the inspection results, and organize them into the form of a report, which is the overall quality inspection of the wheel. Provide an important reference; after ensuring that all aspects meet the process standards, it will be transferred to the next process. However, considering that the original error cannot be completely eliminated due to various reasons during machining, the operator needs to adjust other machining parameters in time to compensate for the error, or to transfer the error by judging the importance of the casting, that is, the The error is transferred to the non-important parts, so as to effectively control the machining error of the automobile hub, and try to avoid it affecting the quality of the machining of the automobile hub.

4.5  Operator

Control requirements for operators. In the machining of automobile wheels, operators need to be fully familiar with and quantitatively master the various machining operation steps and machining principles, and have basic equipment and quality inspection technology for wheel castings, and be able to use professional inspections flexibly Instruments and equipment, and by reading the relevant process and technical parameters obtained from the detection, scientific judgment and evaluation of the quality of the instruments and equipment and automobile wheels. Therefore, before the operators take their posts, the management
The personnel need to conduct a strict review of their qualifications and capabilities, and all operators will be employed with certificates; professional operating technicians will conduct unified and systematic pre-job training for them to help
Help them further clarify the relevant machining technology standards, and establish a strong sense of responsibility and safety. After completing the machining of the automobile wheel hub, the operator is required to accurately record the machining process and related parameters, and at the same time summarize and reflect on the entire machining process, clarify the problems that occur during the machining process and find effective solutions to avoid Affect the subsequent machining of automobile wheels.

5. Kết luận

All in all, with the continuous increase in the number of vehicles in my country, a large number of automobile wheels will be produced in the future. Considering that in the machining process of automobile wheels, materials, equipment, technology, and personnel will affect the machining quality to varying degrees. Therefore, the author believes that when machining automobile hubs, managers and quality inspectors also need to effectively control automobile hub materials, machining equipment, on-site operating environment, process technology and operators, etc., so as to effectively reduce automobile hubs. The machining error of the wheel hub further improves the quality level of the machining of the automobile wheel hub.

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